Glue mixers

Glue mixer for plywood industry

Lahti Precision glue mixer has been designed and built for continuous 24h/d use in the wood panel industry

  • strong mechanical construction – mixing tank of stainless steel
  • modular construction – easy transport, assembling and start-up
  • the automatic PC/PLC based control system – dosing, mixing and emptying
  • dosing accuracy based on accurate weighing – eliminates the influence of fluctuations in raw materials density of on the glue quality
  • easy to clean – in the design of the mixer construction, special attention has been paid to cleaning and easy service of the glue mixer
  • An effective dispersing mixer mixes the raw materials effectively and high speed – rotor is specially designed for glue mixing
  • rapid mixing at high capacity – capacity 600-2400 kg/h, typically 3 batches/h

The glue mixer has been tested successfully with glues of different glue suppliers. The homogeneity of the glue batches facilitates the glue spreading process. Good quality glue means savings in the glue costs.

Ready for use – glue mixer are electrified and tested by Lahti Precision prior to the delivery. After testing the modules are dismounted for transport. The mixer is dimensioned to enable transport in containers. Thanks to the modular construction the mounting of the mixer on the site is easy.

References: Lahti Precision glue mixers has delivered e.g nearly 70 glue mixers to the plywood industry in Finland, Europe, Russia and Asia