Pulper feeding equipment

Pulper feeder equipment since 1985
(former Jymet-Engineering Oy)

Lahti Precision also supplies paper industry equipment like feed conveyors for pulpers and handling equipment for paper broke.

In the design the installation process and the use of space during the construction phase is taken into account, which is of vital importance when equipping existing production lines.

Lahti Precision supplies:

  • Pulp bale conveyors and automatic bale wire cutting devices
    • complete feeding lines for large pulp bales equipment with automatic wire cutting devices
    • capacity 100 – 1000 t/d
  • Broke conveyors for paper and paper board machines/lines

Deliveries have included the following feeder equipment for pulpers:

  • Conveyors for paper broke
  • Slat conveyors
  • Unrolling devices
  • Reel cutters
  • roke conveyors – a productive investment

Broke conveyors – a productive investment

The conveyor can be manufactured and finished at Lahti Precision’s factory and the time spent installing it on site is thus reduced to a minimum. Since the pulpers can be loaded more evenly, it is possible to operate successfully with a smaller pulper capacity, thus saving investment costs.

A broke conveyor brings savings in raw material, since all broke caused by line breakdowns is quickly and cleanly returned for reuse. It means also lower labour costs and minimized downtime.

A slat conveyor – the ideal solution for feeding bales of pulp and recycled fibre into the pulper.



Pulper Feeding Equipment for the Paper Industry (pdf)