Belt weighers

The totalizing belt scale continuously measures the material on the conveyor belt on the basis of weight and the speed of the conveyor belt. The belt scale’s WB-810 control unit rapidly collects and processes the results to display the total amount of the material that haspassed over the scale (t) and the current mass flow (t/h).

The belt scale is the ideal solution for uninterrupted, automatic and precise monitoring of material flows. The scale can easily be connected to a continuous bulk material handling system.

The totalizing belt scale can be used with conveyor belts carrying, for example, wood chips, sand, crushed rock, coal, ore, cement and fertiliser with mass flows of 1 – 6000 t/h and conveyor widths of 400 – 2000 mm



Lahti Precision belt scales (pdf)




WA-810 Totalizing Belt Scale Indicator (pdf)