Load Cell Amplifiers


Digital TPL-400-series load cell amplifiers are suitable for silo and tank weighing, level monitoring and force measurement.

  • accuracy class 0,05
  • calibration by programmer keys at two points
  • preact value, hysteresis and latching functions
  • auto tare and peak hold


X = included
A = available
T = with seperate transformer

Features: TPL-400 TPL-350
Case IP65, plastic X
Installation rack 19″
Panel installation X
Build-in programmer 9 mm LDC-display A
Seperate programmer 9 mm LDC-display A
Build-in programmer 10 mm LED-display X
Analogue output 4-20mA, galvanically isolated X A
Analogue output 0-10 VDC, galvanically isolated X A
Relays 2 pcs 230 VAC, 5A A A
Input voltage 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz X X
Input voltage 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz X A
Input voltage 12-24 VDC A A
Stainless steel case IP65 A
Die-cast case IP65 A
DIN/EN rail mounting,protection class IP0 A A