Lahti Precision Oy, having extensive experience as a supplier of numerous turnkey plants and as a producer of weighing automation helps to customers to stay one step ahead of failures in the plant machinery. The tool for this purpose is pre-inspection service which means regular inspections of customer’s production lines and equipment.

The Pre-Inspection includes following tasks:

  • Individual equipment inspection according to specified plan. Detailed report will be issued showing the possible problems and broken equipment and devices with photos and repair recommendations. The repair recommendations are listed in one comprehensive list. All recommendations are also classified according to severity of the problems.
  • Separate list about small or critical problems or shortcomings which need to be corrected by customer’s own maintenance department in near future
  • Inspection of condition of buildings and silos as well as repair recommendations.
  • Hardware and Software equipment inspection. A detailed report about the condition of equipment with repair recommendation will be prepared. Critical device lifetime evaluation will also be included; e.g. PC and scale electronic parts have certain lifetime and guaranteed time for spare part availability. According to this evaluation, recommendations for equipment renewals will be prepared.
  • Software program changes will be verified.
  • Calibrations of scales, this is recommended in order to be able to verify the condition of the scales properly.
  • Evaluations of factory spare parts listing and proposal for new spares.
  • Inventory of factory spare parts in storage and recommendation for new spare parts.
  • After the inspection we will prepare the proposal for modifications and improvements. This is a detailed list about recommended corrections, modifications and renewals. This list very clearly specifies the needed repair works with classification according to severity of the problem. Needed repairs or changes will be specified.