Modernization and Upgrades

Modernization of existing plant is provoked for example by competitive pressures requiring higher consistent product quality or by the need to increase output. This can often be achieved by installing the latest weighing and control system technology within the framework of an existing storage and handling installation. Much can also be done to improve the flow and feeding of materials where deficiencies or persistent problems have been encountered during operation.

Lahti Precision´s long experience of designing plants for glass and dry mix industries, manufacturing industrial scales and engineering control systems provides the basis for its modernization expertise.

Examples of different type modernizations:

  • Changes in process (Capacity increment, new raw material/product)
  • Changes in raw material logistics
  • Changes in electrification/automation
  • Control system upgrade
  • Scale system upgrade
  • Dust removal improvements and other environmental based upgrades
  • Upgrades for reporting system (Lahti Precision has a very advanced reporting system called BIMS (Batch Information Management System)