Defining the future of weighing

For our customers, we are the best partner in the Nordic countries for demanding industrial weighing, dosing and service solutions. Decades of experience and expertise ensure optimal, accurate and functional solutions for our customers, as well as measurable business benefits through improved product quality and process efficiency. All our scales can be connected to our developed mScales weighing service and available on a mobile basis, providing our customers new, unprecedented business benefits.

Our mission is to make our customers’ lives easier and to help them succeed. Our experts will weigh and give you just the right solutions and services. We strive for results through our strong experience and pride.

mScales - digitalize your weight-based material flows

mScales is a turnkey solution to bring industrial weighing to the digital era.

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Dosing and weighing systems

We have designed and delivered larger dosing and weighing systems for various bulk materials since the 1970s. The users of the systems we supply are eg cement, dry product and steel mills as well as..

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Maintenance and other services

We supply weighing and dosing systems from design to installation, commissioning and maintenance. This ensures optimum implementation and high-quality, cost-effective operation throughout the life cycle of the system. The best outcome for the customer is achieved when we are involved in the project as early as possible.

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Products and services

Lahti Precision supplies scales, components and equipment for weighing and dosing applications in a variety of industries. The key features are accuracy and reliability, which improve the efficiency and quality of our customers' production processes. In most cases, the best result is achieved with larger entities, where we can take into account the customer's needs from the very beginning of the project planning.

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Service packages

Lahti Precision service packages - DosingLAHTI, WeighingLAHTI, ConveyingLAHTI, MixingLAHTI, AutomationLAHTI - contain unique solutions and features. These services provide our customers a higher..

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Blog & News

Blog 22.9.2022

Download the guide to the design of scales and weighing systems

We produced a guide that provides designers and those responsible for procuring a weighing system with information on how to modernize weighing systems and get the most out of them for the benefit of.. Read more

Blog 2.8.2022

Why are accurate and reliable scales so important?

Scales are involved in production, from incoming goods to basic research and development, the production process itself, quality control, packaging and logistics. Read more


Lahti Precision's solutions contribute to Fortum's move towards a carbon-neutral economy

Lahti Precision will supply demanding weighing and dosing technology for handling the main raw material flows to Fortum's hydrometallurgical battery recycling plant under construction in Harjavalta.

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Adven: “Lahti Precision provides us the most cost-effective weighing solutions”

Adven uses Lahti Precision's vehicle scales and maintenance services, in addition to mScales' weighing and warehouse management service.

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