Defining the future of weighing

For our customers, we are the best partner in the Nordic countries for demanding industrial weighing, dosing and service solutions. Decades of experience and expertise ensure optimal, accurate and functional solutions for our customers, as well as measurable business benefits through improved product quality and process efficiency. All our scales can be connected to our developed mScales weighing service and available on a mobile basis, providing our customers new, unprecedented business benefits.

Our mission is to make our customers’ lives easier and to help them succeed. Our experts will weigh and give you just the right solutions and services. We strive for results through our strong experience and pride.

mScales - digitalize your weight-based material flows

mScales is a turnkey solution to bring industrial weighing to the digital era.

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Service packages

Lahti Precision service packages - DosingLAHTI, WeighingLAHTI, ConveyingLAHTI, MixingLAHTI, AutomationLAHTI - contain unique solutions and features. These services provide our customers a higher..

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Blog 16.6.2023

Lahti Precision Oy company name has been changed to Tamtron Precision Oy

The name change does not affect the operations of Tamtron's Lahti business unit. Still, Tamtron Precision will continue developing, designing, and delivering weighing and dosing systems for.. Read more

Blog 14.6.2023

Safe handling of battery materials - there are no ready-made solutions

With the electrification of traffic, there are constantly more plants processing battery materials, and the pace is only accelerating. For example, the number of electric cars worldwide will multiply.. Read more

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The battery industry relies on Tamtron's weighing and dosing solutions

We supply machines and automation for the production and further processing of battery metals on a wide scale for all parts of the processes, starting from the reception of the raw materials to their..

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More efficiency to Nordkalk Sweden’s logistics with the modernization of vehicle scales

Nordkalk is the leading supplier of limestone-based products and solutions in Northern Europe. It also has a strong market position in Central Europe. The company transports large amounts of raw..

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