Blog 1.7.2021

Efficiency and flexibility for the production of battery metals with our mixing solutions

Due to the increased demand for battery metal applications, we have developed our concepts to be able to match the needs to this industry as well. Read more

Blog 2.6.2021

Do your company's values require the promotion of sustainable solutions?

In addition to the choice of equipment, the life cycle durability can also be positively affected by regular maintenance or servicing of the scale. Read more

Blog 30.4.2021

Solid experience has also been harnessed for the needs of the battery industry

The concept we have designed for the needs of the battery industry emphasizes in particular that valuable materials can be efficiently utilized by automating the handling of big bags. Read more

Blog 6.4.2021

Design and implementation of silo weighing

Lahti Precision has strong expertise and experience in implementing optimal, risk-free silo weighing solutions for the customer. Read more

Blog 11.2.2021

A virtual environment takes you to the future

Virtualization will benefit industrial companies with both increased equipment efficiency and increased information security. Read more

Blog 22.1.2021

Remote commissioning secured the start-ups for many plants in 2020

Our experts have years of experience working remotely at customers' sites. What should be especially taken into account in such.. Read more