News 15.5.2023

Lahti Precision Oy will become Tamtron Precision Oy, operating under the Tamtron brand.

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Blog 15.3.2023

The best big bagging solutions for the mining and metal processing industry

Lahti Precision's big bagging solutions help solve many challenges in the mining and metal processing industry. Read more

Blog 16.2.2023

Transparency and efficiency for handling dry bulk materials with warehouse management connected to the weighing service

With the help of Lahti Precision's solutions, you can improve your inventory management and get transparency and traceability for managing mass-based material flows in your production facility. Read more

News 6.2.2023

Growing opportunities with the acquisition

On February 2, 2023, Tamtron has signed an agreement with the owners of Lahti Precision to purchase the entire share capital of Lahti Precision's parent company. Read more

News 28.12.2022

CEO's greeting - looking to the year 2023

In many industrial processes in the energy sector, accurate weighing plays a very essential role and we do our best to help our customers in the development of these emerging industries. Read more

Blog 14.12.2022

A more comprehensive weighing system or individual scale components?

We have the expertise and resources to deliver entire weighing systems for different industrial fields, but we also supply a wide range of weighing components for the different needs of industry... Read more