The year started in favorable economic conditions but since March the escalated Covid-19 crisis forced us to do things slightly differently. Despite of the exceptional time period Lahti Precision personnel has been able to do a great work and serve the customers in reliable and safe way.

Despite of the time we have continued with full speed technology development for supporting the customers’ business further. The year 2020 will be a first clean year for renewed Lahti Precision. Already now in middle of the year it can be concluded that the decision of investing in core technology, services and digitalization development supports both the company’s and the customers’ success.

In beginning of June Bureau Veritas did in cooperation with us ISO 9001:2015 quality management system audit. Approved audit’s result met our targets and we got several good ideas for improving quality of our products and services. I believe that the improvement can be seen in our operations in future and hope that this will promote also the customer satisfaction further.

I wish a great summer time for all our customers and cooperation partners.

Juho Koskinen