Exponential demand for batteries

As electric vehicles and other electrical appliances have become more common, the demand for battery production has gone through the roof, making the battery industry a sector of a rising trend. In order to meet this demand, the battery production output must be increased by up to twenty times over the next few years. However, although the rise in the demand has been predictable, the growth rate has taken many by surprise.

The battery industry needs bag handling machines and dosing systems for processing, storing and transporting materials like lithium, cobalt, nickel and other cathode materials and their precursors. These needs exist at either end of the batteries’ lifecycles, both during their primary production as well as their recycling and reuse.

We wrote a guide to help the procurement of battery industry’s weighing and dosing solutions

In this guide, we tell you about the factors to consider when choosing weighing or dosing solutions for the battery industry, whether you are in the business of producing batteries or recycling them. It is particularly useful for designers and those responsible for the procurement of weighing or dosing solutions for the battery industry.

Learn what benefits leading battery brands have achieved by using modern technology:

  • What type of machinery you will need to process battery materials
  • What type of expertise can boost your processes
  • What special requirements should be taken into account
  • How an equipment supplier’s overall expertise can benefit you
  • How society’s requirements are changing the lifecycle of batteries
  • Which interfaces may be useful to you if you adopt digitalisation