Lahti Precision has been admitted initial verification rights. By acquiring primary verification rights, Lahti Precision will further enhance its flexible and know-how in the weighing equipment delivery process. This enables a broader and higher quality service portfolio, making it the most attractive option for the customer.

Inspecta admitted Lahti Precision certificates according to NAWID1 and MID2 module D, whereby the instrument manufacturer performs the inspection of the weighing equipment and places it independently on the EU market. In this case, the manufacturer shall, with own responsibility, verify that the instruments or measuring instruments supplied conform to the type described in the EU-type inspection certificate and satisfy the requirements of the directives and are thus suitable for commercial use. This is commonly called as an initial verification.

As before, Lahti Precision offers a service that provides periodic backup and maintenance on behalf of the customer as a complete service. The periodic verification of vehicle scales has been organized cost-effectively in regional rounds with years of experience.

1Directive 2014/31 / EU on the making available on the market of non-automatic weighing instruments

2Directive 2014/32 / EU making measuring instruments available on the market