Tamtron (former Lahti Precision) specialices in weighing and dosing systems and the handling of bulk goods and supplies-related services. Through the technological systems and services we supply, we offer our customers solutions that boost efficiency and improve precision. Our main goals are offering customer satisfaction and generating added value for our customers. To deliver on our customer value proposition, we are committed to maintaining the high quality of our products, services and operations.

At Tamtron, quality means:

  • Qualified and professional staff that are committed to continuous learning
  • Accurate products that meet the requirements set by our customers and standards
  • Reliable collaboration partners

We ensure high quality on all levels of our operations:

  • In the design and manufacture of our products and in the realization of our services, we always comply with laws, decrees and regulations and the requirements of certificate permits granted to us
  • We monitor compliance with the EU-type approval requirements for devices covered by Module D
  • We monitor the timeliness and accuracy of our deliveries and initiate improvement measures when necessary
  • We actively develop the services and products we offer, utilising the potential offered by new technologies
  • We train our staff to ensure the continuity and development of our expertise

Our company’s management system supports our commitment to high-quality operations and continuous development:

  • We actively measure the achievement of our quality targets
  • We collect feedback from our customers with regard to our products and services
  • We monitor our suppliers’ delivery performance and quality assurance capabilities
  • We measure and improve the performance of our organization and processes

Our day-to-day operations are guided by our values and ethical principles.  We arrange regular management reviews to assess the achievement of our targets and the realization of our quality and action policies.