Despite the unpleasant news in Europe and the mild phenomena that followed it, the past year 2022 was excellent for Lahti Precision and we exceeded many of our goals. Thanks for this go to our nearly one hundred experts, our numerous partners and of course our customers, to whom we have been able to provide measurable added value in their businesses based on the feedback we have received.

Among other things, the breakdown of European energy production will contribute to accelerating the green transition in our market area in the next few years. In many industrial processes in the field, accurate weighing plays a very essential role, and we do our best to help our customers in the development of these emerging industries. Although Lahti Precision’s offering in the field of industrial weighing is extensive, relatively the most significant part of our product development investments in industrial weighing is aimed specifically at solutions that serve the technological needs of these new industries.

The media and politicians’ speeches regularly return to the gradually developing labor shortage in Finland and other western countries. Fortunately, at Lahti Precision, we have been able to keep the company’s attractiveness and development flow at such a good level that we have managed to recruit quite a number of new personnel in recent years, and they have also stayed comfortably with us.

The availability of skilled personnel, the meaningfulness of the work and the increased personnel costs increase the need for digitalization of processes and work methods in our customer industries. One answer to this need is the most advanced digital mScales weighing service of its kind on the market, which allows our customers to e.g. free up an important person for more meaningful and productive tasks. Investments in this area will continue to be active both in product development and in the sales sense.

The year 2023 will certainly be interesting. Lahti Precision and its professionals are in the fortunate position that we get to see a deep cross-section of the doings of very different companies, from the design tables all the way to the field. We also get to help the people working in these companies achieve their goals for our part.

We wish all our customers and partners good luck and success for the new year 2023!

Juho Koskinen, CEO