Connect your scales for mScales- weighing service:

Easy to use with Internet browser also on mobile devices

Weighing tickets, receipts and reporting up to date also for stakeholders

Flexible and versatile weighing processes with type-approved and verified devices

Data transfer to business systems through the service interface

Professional Service Desk and scales for remote maintenance

Secure and continuously evolving digital service with a monthly fee

The mScales weighing service scales to your business needs:

  • Warehouse management and warehouse reporting
  • Saving photos and documents
  • Freight and movement documents
  • Sampling and analysis
  • Mobile entry
  • Port and device control via mobile interface
  • Automation system connection
  • Weighing offline without a network connection

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With mScales weighing service you can streamline processes to today’s level

  • The physical weighing cards and tags are replaced by a digital weighing code
  • The creation and delivery of weighing codes to users is automated
  • In mobile weighing, the user does not have to leave the vehicle or open the window glass
  • Simple and guided interfaces
  • The receipt will be emailed to all parties
  • There are no maintenance facilities in the field, such as a printer and driver terminal.


A scale and weighing information can be easily shared between partners and third parties

  • Multiple separate companies can be connected to one scales, allowing each company to use the scales as their own (shared scales and business parks)
  • Third parties can use the scales with mobile weighing codes purchased by them
  • The service sends the weighing documents to the parties in need
  • The customer, the supplier and the shipping company can see the weighing information and reports they hold


The mScales digital weighing service improves the competitiveness of your business

  • The number of field devices is reduced, which means that they do not need to be serviced or maintained
    Manual work is significantly reduced, for example, by correcting data and sending reports
  • The scales are connected to the ERP system and traditional manual work steps can be automated
  • Selling a weighing service is easy, enabling new business models as well
  • The service is constantly being developed based on customer development suggestions
  • The customer can focus on developing their own core business

Typical use:

Circular economy and waste management

Energy production

Wood processing


Weighing and loading bulk materials


The new era of weighing has begun! Upgrade your scales.