Our customers have always appreciated the excellent weighing and dosing expertise of our company. All the company’s business operations have been built around this core, including various scales, bulk material dosing technologies, and maintenance and calibration services.

The company’s software expertise has always been excellent, especially in device-oriented software and system-level automation. Our scales have had features that other companies haven’t found. Since then, new technologies have created opportunities which has also led over 100 years old Lahti Precision, to change its perception of customers and their needs. So we are in a new situation where wisdom and money are no longer just in hardware.

A few years ago, after realizing a clear customer need, we started to develop a completely new type of digital weighing service and named it mScales. In this context, we hired new software engineering expertise to develop mobile cloud based solutions for our customers. The red thread of the development has been the promotion of the customer success and the customers’ high satisfaction with our service.

After launching the service to market, we have received a great response from our customers and have seen how the mScales weighing service contributes to our customers’ success. The service has several features which have been designed especially for needs of circular economy companies. We have opened up new opportunities for our customers to intensify their business processes with weighing information available anytime and anywhere. We are also pleased to realize that our customers have been very active in developing the service with us. Good service has been easy to sell. It’s very good to continue developing our renewed company.

Juho Koskinen, CEO