Implementation of weighing and weighing data management involve demanding technology, various interfaces, and standards. When designing a weighing system, the whole should be taken into account. Considering the cost over the entire life cycle of the weighing equipment, and above all the reliability, repeatability and accuracy of the system, the weighing system is often the most economical to buy from one supplier with expertise. The expert can take responsibility for the needs assessment, design, delivery, maintenance and updating of the entire system.

The most effective way to see stand-alone weighing equipment and operation as a weighing chain is to procure weighing services as a complete package from a competent scale and weighing equipment supplier. Our years of experience in designing and manufacturing the weighing, measuring and dosing equipment provides us capabilities to serve you in all the challenges in your weighing chain. On the other hand, our experience and hundreds of successful customer stories gives you the proof of the advantages of our weighing total service solutions. Our goal is to provide you what is written into the contracts, but also produce some added value with making things easy for you.

As our contract customer, you save money and get some practical benefits

As our contract customer, you will accrue considerable financial savings and schedule benefits. You also save your human resources when you do not have to worry about periodic checks and operations related to your weighing equipment or your system being up to date. As the total package service provider, we make sure that the periodic and statutory maintenance, calibrations, and verifications will be done on time. We also make sure that you have the most up-to-date equipment and the most up-to-date technology to support your weighing chain.

Who is the total weighing solution for?

Our total weighing solution is suitable for all industries where the weighing chain is part of production, material handling or logistic processes. The data around the weighing is typically used in the company’s operations not only to control the process, but also as a basis for customer invoicing or purchase invoicing.

Examples of our total weighing solution customers:

Our service concept

Our comprehensive total weighing solution solves several challenges

RESPONSIBILITY If a weighing system has several suppliers, no company can, even in theory, take responsibility for both the mechanical operation of the scales and the regulations of the commercial scales, unless these are holistically taken into account from the very beginning. When service is bought from one supplier, the process is more straightforward, and you will save time and money.

TECHNOLOGY Expertise in different fields brings strong experience of different processes, which ensures that the most functional equipment and solutions are found for projects. The design, commissioning, and maintenance of the system requires an expert, who can take into account all the important information. In this context, centralizing functions clarifies the processes, and provide you with other important benefits.

SECURITY When purchasing a weighing system from one supplier, the biggest advantage is a reliable unit. You know what you get, how and on what schedule. You also know for sure who to turn to when you have something to ask. By combining all the operations from one supplier, they are planned as a chain and help to minimize production downtime and maintenance outages.

As the total package service provider, we make sure that the periodic and statutory maintenance, calibrations and verifications will be considered on time. We also ensure that you have the most modern equipment today and up-to-date technology to support your weighing chain.


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