Lahti Precision supports sustainable development

Investments in the circular economy industry and equipment deliveries in the renewable energy sector are reflected in Lahti Precision's sales. Our technology contributes to the sustainable and.. Read more


Customer in mind also in summer time

The year started in favorable economic conditions but since March the escalated Covid-19 crisis forced us to do things slightly differently. Despite of the exceptional time period Lahti Precision.. Read more


We redesigned our website

Lahti Precision's new website has now been published - with a refreshing and modern.. Read more


Lahti Precision is a cleantech company

Lahti precision is entitled to use the Cleantech Finland® brand because the equipment, facilities and services we supply follow the principles of energy-efficient life cycle. Read more


Our K019 calibration laboratory will continue to operate

Our accredited calibration laboratory K019 continues to operate successfully. The calibration performed by an accredited laboratory meets the quality requirements. Read more


The new SI will be launched on World Metrology Day on 20th of May, 2019

The SI (international system of units) system is the basis for all measurements and guarantees the same measurements for us and elsewhere. A new definition is now set for.. Read more